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Spa Ingredients


There is a special magick within the care of the skin, a decadence and delight in bathing the body with the bounty of the natural world.  This process is a part of our humanity, one that has been overlooked by the influx of chemical skincare, and watered down by the idea that natural skincare can not meet every clients needs. 

At HEX Botanicals, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality ingredients on the market, expert formulation, and deep intuition in the needs of our clients.  Above this, it is our highest intention to ensure that the focus remains deeply on the true stars of the show...the plants themselves.


HEX Botanicals began many years ago, in the fingertips of a little girl enthralled with the Magick of plants.  As a child, I found such incredible joy, deep connection, and a space of belonging within the company of the plants around me.  So many hours were spent blending potions, grinding herbs, making culinary delights from leaves and berries throughout the summer months, slathering my concoctions all over my body in a connection to ancient rituals I was yet to even hear of.

Throughout my life, I have formulated hundreds of products, fine tuning my process, connecting ever more deeply into the medicine that can be found in the plants we are so blessed to share this life with.  I have crafted custom formulas ranging from medicinal tinctures to herbal teas, and have worked as a Clinical Herbalist as well.  Time and again, my passion comes back to the skin.

Through Hex Botanicals I am able to offer these ancient rituals to you, my clients, that we may all share in the potent mystery of plant medicine, and approach each day with the guardianship and healing of these allies...face forward.

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