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  • Which products are right for my skin type?
    While we have filled our product pages with as much info as possible in regard to the use of each product, we understand that every face is unique. Our products have been formulated for a range of skin types, and we do our best to direct you to the ones that will work for you in our descriptions. If, after perusing through our products, you find that you need additional help with selecting a product, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.
  • Are your products Certified Organic?
    At this time, our products are not Certified Organic. However, we strive to source our ingredients through Organic methods whenever possible, and the majority of the ingredients we utilize in our formulations are in fact Certified Organic. Each ingredient list, for each product, does specify which ingredients are Organic, and can be found both on our website and on each products label. We would invite you to peruse through that info and reach out with any further questions as full ingredient disclosure is something we pride ourselves on.
  • What fragrances do you use in your products?
    All of our products are crafted using only 100% pure essential oils and hydrosols. Unlike many body care companies, when we say all natural, we mean it. We never use nature identical oils, fragrance oils, or chemical stabilizers in our products. Our soaps are highly scented, ensuring the aroma lasts throughout storage and use, while our facial and body care lines are very lightly scented to minimize any possible reactions to the potency of pure essential oils. Each ingredient list for our products also breaks down which oils we have included and states the organic status of each ingredient as well.
  • What about colorants? What do you use to add color to your products?
    All of our products are enhanced with pure colorants. We utilize the power of plant extracts, natural clays and minerals, earth-based micas, and fresh botanicals only. For all mica infused products, MSDS are available for wholesale accounts and bulk orders.
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