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Ultrafine Volcanic Ash, powdered gemstones, and select fruit and herb extracts combine in this deeply exfoliating body polish. Exotically fragranced, and laden with nourishing oils, this is like no other exfoliant,  A truly decadent experience, sure to leave you shining like the Gems themselves.


Volcanic Ash: A premium exfloiator, Volcanic Ash does not melt in water like many exfoliants, providing a gentle yet effective scrub.  This superfine powder removes dead skin cells, giving the skin the ability to both breathe and rebuild.  High in minerals, it also feeds the skin while brightening age spots and preventing discoloration.


Squalane (Olive):  Extracted through non-chemical methods, Squalane imparts deep hydration to the skin.  A powerful humectant, it draws in water, providing plumpness and suppleness as well as protective qualities to the skin.


Pineapple Powder:  Pineapple is a natural exfoliant, helping to loosen dead/damaged skin cells and working in tandem with the other exfoliants in this blend.  It is high in enzymes which restore balance as they eat away at unhealthy bacteria and fungus.


Mango Powder:  Extremely hugh in antioxidants, mango provides lasting protection to the skin.  It assists in restoring and maintaining elasticity, and preventing the over=drying effects of some exfoliants.


Hemp oil:  Non-clogging Hemp oil penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin, bringin with it a host of benefits.  Anti-oxidant, moisturizing, and skin balancing properties abound.


Ground Gemstones:  Finely ground, gemstones impart a charge to this product.  In combination with the salts within the blend, you can be sure that not just the dead skin is being rubbed away from your body.  


Ashwagandha Extract: A superfood for the skin, Ashwagandha is rich in bio-active principles, antioxidants, adaptogens, and more.  It aids in the balancing of hyperpigmentation in all skin types, heals and protects the skin from factors such as pollution and stressors, and is deeply hydrating.  


Deeply exfoliating, Gentle, Moisturizing

Best applied after  a long hot bath or shower, and after cleansing the body.  Apply a small amount (a little goes a long way) to wet skin and gently massage in a circular motion.  For deeper exfoliation and moisturization, allow to rest on the skin for 30-60 seconds before rinsing.  Residual oils may be washed off, or left on for longer absorption.

* Do not apply to broken skin.

THE INCANTATION: Nymphaea, Lotus. This magnificent plant teaches us so very much about who we are, and who we can be.  Resourceful and relaxed, she seems to arise from the depths with very little effort...magically unfurling in the sunlight...fertile and ready to bloom again and again.  Lotus is a symbol of the element of water, yet as she is also connected to the earth element she teaches us to balance our lives, and ourselves, with the best of every resource we have available.  She is decadent, ancient, coveted, eternal symbol of royalty and grace.
She imparts upon us the ability to bloom unabashedly, to accept ourselves as whole beings, and to trust the process of growth and change, that we may bloom as brightly and fragrantly as she does.

Mediterranean Sea Salt*,  Himilayan Pink Salt*, Hemp Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Volcanic Ash, Jojoba Oil*, Squalane*, Pineapple Powder*, Mango Powder*, Ashwagandha Extract*, Powder Ground Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Moonstone, and Rose Quartz, Sandalwood Powder*, Essential Oils of Helichrysum, Jasmine, and Lavender - *Organic Ingredient  *Finished witha Rose Quartz Heart

NYMPHAEA Gem Infused Body Polish

  •  16 oz

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