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A large cut, high lather, skin balancing bar, containing pore clearing Hemp Oil, and detoxifying Activated Charcoal.  Beautifully finished with Natural Micas, and embedded with Black Tourmaline, this bar has a deep, earthy, woodsy aroma.  Free of synthetic colorants, chemicals, and fragrances.  


Grounding, Clarifying, Ancient.

While showering or bathing, bring soap to a lather.  Scrub your body clean while inhaling the decadent fragrance of this Luxury Bar.  

* Not for use on broken skin.

THE INCANTATION:  Elven Forest, inciting visions of moss-covered roots and towering ferns.  There is no place quite as sacred, quite as inviting, as at the foot of great trees.   The perfect setting to let all of our worries just fade away, melting deep into the earth.  Each day, may we find this space within ourselves, a quick reset from the business of the world, and a reconnect to the ancient magic of this life.


Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Hemp Oil*, Spirulina*, Activated Charcoal*, Essential Oils of Balsam Fir*, Scotch Pine*, Cedarwood*, and Patchouli*, Mica, Black Tourmaline - *Organic Ingredient

ELVEN FOREST Crystal Infused Soap

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